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Discover our new, interactive virtual tour experience

Offer your clients a grand tour of your business, products,
and services with an interactive, virtual guide
accessible from anywhere.

Virtual Toolkit

You can increase the immersiveness of your virtual tour or
360° panorama by adding a variety of interactive options:

These active spots can be embedded within your virtual tour, allowing your audience to interact with objects, triggering actions.
This feature allows you to guide your audience through a tour to show specific items in a predetermined order, while still allowing them to interact.
Make your tour more interactive by including a variety of pop-ups throughout your tour. Pop-ups can include: image, video, photo albums, 3D models, information windows, polygons, and external URLs.
Scene Titles
Add custom titles and subtitles to each scene or panorama.
Rollover Buttons
Define whether you want your buttons/hotspots to display at all times or only when rolling over them with the mouse. Define the same for when their action should be triggered (on rollover or when being clicked on).
A useful effect for an immersive experience, SFX/triggers allow you to place audio files on different areas of the panorama, transitioning as the viewer moves to a new space.
Globe Start
Pull your audience in with an immersive transition from above into the primary panorama of your tour.
Tripod Caps
An excellent tool for concealing the tripod in the bottom of your panorama, as well as a convenient spot for placing your logo.
Lens Flare
Increase realism by simulating a lens flare effect, a visible artifact of scattered light, enhancing the viewer experience.

View sample of this incredible technology with a virtual tour of THS Creative!