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Where We’ve Been … and Where We’re Heading

At THS Creative, we believe in embracing our history without living in it. Every mile of our journey has propelled us toward new innovations, technologies and business models.

Born in photography.

Our story began in 1983, when Frank Tribuzio and Charles Dewey Hilliard formed Tribuzio-Hilliard Studio, a commercial photography studio focused in the home furnishings industry. During our early years, we quickly gained a reputation as a leader in high-quality photography, exceptional design and attention to client needs—qualities we’re still known for 35 years later.

Raised in innovation.

Tribuzio-Hilliard grew rapidly throughout the 90s, adopting new technologies and offering photography services to more industries. In 1994, we moved to our current location in Greensboro, N.C., where we built a world-class photography studio. In the early 2000s, we expanded our facility to its current size of 110,000 square feet, and extended our technical capabilities to include video and CGI services. We grew rapidly by staying ahead of the curve and providing our customers with innovative visual solutions and the latest advancements in technology. In 2015, to better convey the breadth of our services, we evolved our name to THS Creative/Tribuzio-Hilliard Studio and Creative.

Matured as marketers.

While photography dominated our early years, we came to see that our clients needed more. We recognized that in today’s vast marketing environment, companies value one source for all of their visual, creative and strategic marketing needs. So today, we’re no longer just a studio; we’re a full-service creative house that offers comprehensive, integrated creative services and strategic brand solutions. Today, we are THS Creative—a name that truly embraces our creative culture and our promise to be a valued brand partner with our clients.