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Concept. Execution. Delivery.

And everything in between.


Your Turnkey Image Solution

THS Creative offers the insight and creativity of a small boutique combined with the resources of a major studio. We take an energetic and collaborative approach to each project. Whether we’re producing photography, video or CGI, we begin every project the same—by asking questions—so that we can gain a full understanding of your brand, your customers and our shared goals.

From there, our account and creative teams work together to craft and execute a plan—ensuring that your project is designed, managed and delivered on schedule, on budget and exceeding expectations.

Studio and Location

Here, there and everywhere.

Our 110,000-square-foot studio contains 30 bays that can be transformed to meet your needs. We offer exceptional design and styling, an extensive carpentry and paint shop, and a creative team of photographers, videographers and expert digital artists.

Need a location shoot? We have a vast network of locations throughout the Southeast that offer a variety of settings, environments and styles. If your photography or video production project calls for a specific architectural setting, our team of scouts can find the ideal location to fit your needs.

Interior Design

Fashion forward. Consumer focused.

Those are our guiding principals. We design for currents trends, while keeping our eye on the future—always looking forward to ensure your brand is well positioned in the current consumer market.

Our experienced team of interior designers take the time to fully understand your brand, your customer and your vision. We put ourselves in the consumer’s position, viewing each environment from within. Who will be in this space? How will they experience it? How is the space used?

From there, we create a design that reflects your brand and keeps the consumer in mind. Our designers work side-by-side with our account managers, overseeing every aspect of the project from beginning to end.

Construction and Finishing

If you can imagine it, we can build it.

We have a full team of experts in carpentry, flooring, tile, paint, plumbing, cabinetry and all other areas of construction and installation.

Whether we’re designing a new set or modifying an existing bay, our professional and experienced team of carpenters and painters can bring your vision to reality—down to the last detail.

Propping and Styling

You need it. We have it.

Our 4,000+-square-foot prop department is stacked floor to ceiling with the latest accessories, soft goods, rugs, artwork and thousands of other beautiful items that will complete your image. We rotate our inventory constantly to include current trends and  a variety of options to match any style.

Our expert team of stylists work directly with our designers to make sure every element of the design is perfectly placed and prepped.

Photography and Video

Image is everything.

Lighting, positioning and perspective all contribute to a successful image.

Whether on location or in studio, our team of exceptional photographers and videographers aren’t just technicians, they are artists. From full room scenes to detailed product shots, our creativity, experience and technical capabilities combine to bring your brand to life.

Post Production


Perfection is a virtue.

We have an experienced team of digital and video experts to ensure every image and frame is perfected down to the last stitch. Whether you need color correction, retouching, image manipulation or change-outs, our digital image artists will make every image true to life.

From stills to motion, we also offer full video editing and finishing solutions, including editing, sound design, motion graphics, CGI and animation.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

From reality to reality.

We approach CGI with a photographer’s eye, developing each image with the same attention to detail we give to our photography. Design, lighting and perspective are all essential parts of our process.

Our interior designers, photographers and digital designers will work side-by-side to create visually dynamic and photo-realistic environments to showcase your brand through stills, 3D product modeling, 3D animation or VR solutions

Logistics and Warehouse

A place for everything.

Our 25,000-square-foot warehouse and commercial loading dock give you the advantage of shipping entire collections and products together.

We carefully orchestrate delivery and pickups that work with your schedule. And we track and log each item down to the last nut and bolt, giving you the confidence that your product will be returned exactly as shipped.

If you need assistance with delivery, our logistics team can provide scheduled pick-ups and returns.

Design and Digital Printing

From screen to page.

We offer complete print design and digital printing solutions, from sales prints to catalogs to large format prints. THS Creative provides comprehensive creative resources for everything you and your sales team need to create more demand for your brand.

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