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At THS Creative, every project begins and ends with the customer in mind. We take the time to understand your vision, clarify your request and execute a plan to deliver high-end creative work. No FAQ’s or automated bots here.

Our customers are part of the THS family and have access to real people committed to giving you and your brand detailed attention from start to finish.


At THS Creative, we don’t just love what we do: we’re passionate about it. Whether you need copywriting, graphic design, photography, videography, web development or digital marketing services, our talented, creative team of professionals is prepared to breathe new life into your brand.


For 35 years, THS Creative has been the leader in commercial photography on the eastern seaboard. Our 110,000-square-foot studio is custom designed with extensive resources and 30 fully outfitted custom photography bays. Whether your needs involve furniture, lifestyle, product, architecture or location shooting, our exceptional team of photographers, designers, stylists, and craftsmen will ensure your images exceed your expectations.



You know the most about your business. THS has a unique approach to marketing research. We immerse our team into exploring your company first. Then, the process of gathering, analyzing and interpreting information about your competitive market begins. We leave no stone unturned and go into marketing campaigns fully loaded.



In today’s competitive market, one medium has always stood firm. Film and videospeak to the masses like no other marketing tool. A full-service video production company ensures you can expect television / broadcast level quality commercials. That can translate across any platform, be it web or the big screen. Telling your brand’s story is what we do best.

Marketing Strategy

We look at marketing strategy with a long-term, big-picture approach to planning with the goal of achieving the competitive advantage. We compile
intuitive plans and are dedicated to building customer relationships.

Brand Identity

Without image you are invisible. Your brand’s identity is the most important customer-facing representation of your business. We are serious about designing strong visual elements that create an impact and trigger positive memory in clients and customers.

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing, Pay Per Click, Paid Search, Social Media, Email Marketing, Analytics. These are all popular terms that all have heard, but may not understand.  We help you understand these tools and then execute our plan towards success full digtal presence.

Web Development

Web Development is not just about website creation. It is about making an impact on the ever-expanding digital world. When we enter a web design project, we carefully map out the connections to social media, marketing channels and profile databases that generate a digital map of your business.


Every one says’ google it! Search Engine Optimization  is not just about how your website is found . It is about how search engines understanding what your company is about and then knowing how to rate you. Our marketing team use skilled tactics to make your website visible to both potential clients and search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Maximizes the number of visitors to your website from major search engines via natural [organic] search results.


Script Writing

THS Creative loves to write captivating narratives.
A great script is the key to any video or audio project. Making a short film, movie, commercial or web video is only successful by planning and creative writing. Each script starts with a good premise and plot that takes your audience on a life-changing adventure.

Interior Design

 We are thought starters and trend experts.

On location or in studio, our designers are skilled to bring life to client products. We stay in the know on the latest and greatest trends in design and use those trends to create our own in-house set schematics. Our goal is to deliver superior design with elevated attention to detail.

We create timeless and aspirational spaces. Concepts & boards, space planning, showroom design & installation, room staging & styling, creative & artistic direction (photo, video and CGI) product display design, set design.

Digital Retouching

Our photo retouching is top-notch and consists of professionals that will fit right in with your in-house team. We remove backgrounds, eliminate imperfections, change product colors and more. THS Creative has been an industry pioneer for 35 years.


With proper SEO in place, we can now digitally market your web properties and help drive traffic. We do this buy creating a custom strategic planning and media channel placement plan. Search engine marketing is the modern form of advertising & marketing over the internet that  promotes a business website by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising.

Voice Over

With our newly-renovated sound room, we record for commercials, narrations, phone systems, web demos & any other project that needs a voice-over narration. Whether it’s a single sentence or a whole audiobook. We have it covered.

Custom Carpentry & Fabrication

The carpentry shop is lively with a smell of sawdust and the buzzing of saws. Operating in 15,000 square feet of shop area, our builders are experts in:

Architectual creations, set & stage design, custom furniture, finishing, flooring, tradeshow stage design,
showroom spaces.

Graphic Design

Great design is about creating structure and composition that makes content easier to ingest. Our graphic design work is generated with consideration towards all channels of broadcast and delivery of brand messaging. 


Send your views through the roof with gorgeous animation. Animated motion graphics accompany video and add style to combine content with colorful graphics, which help deliver informational and educational elements with impact. We operate in Cinema 4D, Maya, After Effects, Blender, Adobe Animate and other popular development tools.

Audio Engineering

Our sound engineers or work on the technical aspects of sound and audio production by recording, mixing and mastering the equalization of sound. No matter how good any video looks, great sound is what drives the emotional connection.

Commercial Printing

No only do we genrate expertly designed, up-to-date custom marketing – the assortment of products needed to tell a brand story needs to look and feel professional, prepared and ready to gain attention. When we put it all together, a cohesive – consitant brand standard is the look that carries across an entire business. We can print the tools that help you do business.

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Our 110,000-square-foot studio is custom-designed with extensive resources and 30 fully outfitted custom photography bays and film stages. Whether your needs involve furniture, lifestyle, product, architecture or location shooting, our exceptional team of photographers, designers, stylists, and craftsmen will ensure your images exceed your expectations. We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and skilled artist to capture exactly what your brand needs to energize and excite.

we are focused on building growth strategies for established businesses and emerging brands.

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