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When it comes to showcasing and marketing products, photography has been the standard for many decades—particularly in the home furnishings and interior products industries.

Over the years, however, CGI (computer-generated imagery) has emerged as a frequently used substitute for conventional photography. During this period, it has evolved from a novelty offering for niche clients to a highly realistic photography alternative that is used by a wide variety of industries.

Considering that CGI is now a viable option to photography, many companies are wondering if they should reevaluate their current image marketing strategies. A look at the advantages of both services can be helpful when seeking the best way to visually display all that a brand has to offer.

“With today’s multiple technology and communication options, brands must have a clear understanding of the advantages and limitations of each to make an informed decision,” states Larry Boyd, principal owner and partner of THS Creative.



CGI allows for diversity and design options.

Because CGI elements are created digitally, there is opportunity for image manipulation. For example, a scene or product can be altered in many ways, from colors and finishes to textures and design details. This means the product can be updated when a new color, finish or style is introduced, even if the product is not in production. Lighting, composition and perspectives can also be easily adjusted. CGI is also useful in product development to provide a realistic image for pre-sales and style decisions. CGI projects are not limited by size, manufacturing or product shipment.




While CGI is an exciting—and growing—option, it’s not for every brand. Photography is often the best option for companies that have numerous items to display within one set. It’s also an especially good choice for brands that need to depict a variety of organic items and soft furnishings. Perfecting such images so that they’re true to life can be extremely detailed and time-consuming work, often leading to larger time and cost investments. In these scenarios, photography is a much more practical option.


Photography captures subtle textures and details.

Customized Image Options

Technology and industry demands are changing and growing daily,” says Boyd. “THS has recognized that our clients need more than one solution. By offering multiple capabilities and integrated marketing strategies, we can advise clients on all the options and help them make the right decision to meet their goals.”

Whether it’s CGI, conventional photography or a blend, the emphasis of image creation should always be on what best serves the brand. This may even mean other enhancements, such as 360-degree photography, which allows companies to fully display all angles of a product or set, including functionality features.

Finding the best visual solutions is possible with the right partner—one that has the talent, expertise and technological capabilities to bring products to life. An experienced partner like THS Creative will offer several imaging options to ensure the right visual solutions for your brand. From there, the possibilities are limitless.

“Simply stated, our mission is to form viable partnerships with our clients to ensure success for all,” says Boyd.

To learn more about visual solution options and making the best decision for your brand, contact us today.